XPC 1400-12 Inverter 1100 W / battery charger 45 A


Studer Compact XPC 1400-12 Inverter Swiss Made

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The Compact series combines three devices in one:

- Sine wave inverters with high efficiency and true sine wave voltage
- Battery charger with 4 levels and low total harmonic distortion (less heating)
- switching from mains to battery operation within about 0.05 seconds (emergency mode)

Studer as the market leader in Europe stands for quality, durability and high efficiency. Thanks toroidal transformer devices are briefly heavily overloaded. The inverters of the Compact series can be used in conjunction with the 230V power or a diesel generator.
If the network is available or the diesel generator that consumers are supplied directly and the battery is charged runs. Once the network fails or the generator is switched off, is uninterruptedly switched to the inverter is powered by the battery

- bigger Solar home systems in combination with diesel generators for Verso narrowing at peak times (eg milking on the alp)
- emergency power supply for sensitive applications (computer systems, hospitals etc.)

rated voltage: 12 V
min / Max input voltage: 9.5 - 16 V
continuous power 1100 VA
Peak power for 30 min at 25 ° C 1400 VA Peak power 5 sec at 25 ° C ca. 3300 VA
battery charger:.. Max charging current 45A (adjustable)
charging voltage: adjustable
nominal output voltage 230V pure sine (short circuit protected)
output frequency 50 Hz
Permitted cos phi 0.1 - 1
efficiency max. 94%
consumption standby 0.6 W (Adjustable load detection)
Power consumption 4 watts at idle
Permissible ambient temperature -20 ° C to + 55 ° C
Dimensions: 124 x 215 x 410 mm (HxWxD)
weight: 11.7 kg
Manufacturer warranty: 2 years


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