Torqeedo electric outboard motor Travel 603 with battery


Light electro outboard with a very large range

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Electric Outboard Torqeedo Travel 603

Have you ever wondered if there is nothing better than the smoking Outboard who needs no oil changes, to be where no gasoline towed and stored and the embarrassing moments in port omitted if one drives and the thing does not want to start?
Torqeedo, an innovative company has the boot drive electric reinvented and so the gasoline engine opposed a serious competition. The products developed by Torqueedo outboard motors have the world's best efficiency, are very light and thus bring about an unprecedented reach and boat speed. This was made possible by a new low-speed, optimized propeller, a corresponding torque strong electronically commutated electric motor, new lithium manganese batteries and a successful overall design

The advantages:.
- Very light outboard, about half the weight of a gasoline engine
- display showing the battery state of charge
- Integrated GPS with display of remaining range, speed and current performance
- Very high range
- operation on Li-Ion battery
- Very high thrust, thanks to a new, larger propeller
- A tank costs about 0.2 SFr
- lifetime of the battery about 6 10 years
- Easy installation


Outboard with battery and charger

Available versions:

Long / short shaft version

Available accessories:

battery, charger, propeller, tiller extension, Solar Panel Link

Comparable petrol outboards 2 PS
Maximum boat speed: approx 7 km / h
Range: 4-22 km depending on the speed (40 min to 6 h)
Control: infinitely variable throttle, forward / reverse
Motor power: 600 watts
Nominal voltage: 24V
Static thrust: 40 Lbs
Total weight: 12.7 / 13.3 kg, depending on the shaft length
Capacity integrated battery: 500 Wh
Max overall efficiency. 44%
Charging time: depending on the charger about 8h
Integrated onboard computer with GPS: yes

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