Angels swinging compressor cooler 15 liters 12 / 24V 230V to -18 ° MT-17-F View larger

Angels swinging compressor cooler 15 liters 12 / 24V 230V to -18 ° MT-17-F


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Angels Model MT-17-F fridge / freezer

ENGEL coolers are thanks to your very high efficiency and your unsurpassed efficiency suited for use in tropical hot countries. Her isolation, her evaporator of almost all the interior walls covered and their chest shape allow that they hold even at ambient temperatures of 45 ° C still freezing. ENGEL coolers are the devices of choice for development workers, professional expedition company, vaccination campaigns in the tropics, etc. The patented oscillating compressor trouble all ENGEL devices allowed and very quiet operation even when under extreme inclination and strong shocks for 40 years.
Angels coolers are world renowned for their particularly high quality and your unique longevity. For this reason are angels only manufacturer on its products with a 3 year warranty

Outside dimensions: 536 x 358 x 306 mm [WxHxD]
without handles Innenmasse: 290 x 230 x 200 mm [WxHxD]
input voltage: 12/24/230 volts (without attachments, automatic switching, priority control when both connected for 230V)
capacity: 15 liters
weight: 15 kg
internal temperature: infinitely variable + 5 ° C to -15 ° C

Power consumption: Interior 5 ° C ambient 25 ° C approximately 0.4A (11Ah / day, 5.4W)

(at 12.8V) Interior 5 ° C ambient 35 ° C approximately 0.9A (22Ah / day, 11.6W)

Inside 5 ° C ambient 45 ° C approximately 1.6A (38Ah / day, 20W)

Indoor -18 ° C ambient 25 ° C approximately 2.1A (52Ah / day, 28W)

The use of the protective covering, the power consumption can be further reduced by about 20%
Maximum power: 48 watts (at maximum voltage)
Lean Angle in operation: 60 °
material: coated sheet, 100% CFC-free
warranty: 3 years
Reverse polarity protection: Standard
Available accessories: Cases


4x4, campers, motorhomes, caravans, sailing boat, caravan, camping


freezer with side handles, 12V and 230V power cable

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