Latent cold storage (ice block) 420Wh View larger

Latent cold storage (ice block) 420Wh


Cold battery with HighTec PCM memory material

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latent cold storage on PCM based (phase change material)

In many cases, one wishes in the interior of the refrigerator has maximum constant temperature. Through cold storage, also known as ice packs, this can be achieved with the power off for a while. Our ice packs are based on PCM material and, therefore, save the cold as 37 times better than water, which is a very good cold storage already.

This has the following advantages:
1. The cooling unit can be switched off for better night's sleep
2. For campers the refrigerator can run under certain circumstances only when the engine is running
3. The internal temperature is kept very constant food last longer
4. The cooling unit switches on and off less
5. ice packs have an efficiency of 100%, which is significantly more than any electric battery system < br /> 6. Special cooling devices can be operated directly from the solar module without battery and are still in the morning still cold
7. If you have very large temperature differences between day and night by example Day 30 ° C and -5 ° C night you no longer need a refrigerator, an isolation box is sufficient (to note Special notes (night ventilation))
8. Frozen thawed not, for example, Meat does not spoil (freezer storage for -5 ° on request)

storage capacity: 420 Wh
Storage Temperature: 6 ° C +/- 1 ° C
Size: 275 x 465 x 33 mm
weight: 3.1 kg

If the shape of the ice pack does not fit, the liquid can be filled in another plastic container. It should be about 20-30% air in the container to be left so that the PCM can contract Füssigkeit after it is determined.

Since refrigerant decreases, the cold battery should be mounted in the upper area of ​​the refrigerator or the icebox. A cold pack is enough for about 30 liters refrigerator contents and keeps the interior at 22 ° C outside temperature for approximately 12 hours below 10 ° C.

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