What to do to reduce energy costs?

In order to prevent the energy companies from falling too deeply into their pockets, there are various possibilities, classic and innovative new solutions, which are little known.

Take, for example, a 35-year-old family house with oil heating and electric boilers. In the classical energetic renovation, the outer walls, the screed floor and the basement ceiling are additionally insulated, the windows exchanged and the oil heating replaced by a heat pump with an integrated boiler.

If you look at the renovation but a bit more detailed details come to daylight.

An important finding is that today you can not only save energy, but also generate energy, which is known, but opens up entirely new paths in the context.

That means something provocative, you have to consider whether you want to save the energy you need at any cost, or simply generate the energy yourself. Thus, e.g. The ancient lamp which has grown to one's heart, and thus the church remains despite efficient renovation in the village.
But now in sequence:
The mentioned family house has an assumed electricity consumption of 6000 kWh and an oil consumption of 2500 liters. This results in energy costs of about 6000 x20 Rp + 2500 francs for the oil, which is a total of 3700 Fr per year.
In the case of classical renovation, the costs look something like this:
Insulation Exterior walls, screed and cellar ceiling      Fr 55'000.-
Replacement of the windows                                    Fr 35'000.-
Installation Heat pump                                            Fr 27'000.-
Funding Confederation and Cantons                         Fr 10'000.-
Tax savings (acceptance rate of 10%)                      Fr 10'700.-
Total:                                                                     Fr 96'300.-

The oil consumption drops to zero, the electricity consumption increases to approx. 7500 kWh, which is 7500x20Rp that is 1500 SFr per year.
The simple amortization calculation looks as follows:
Investment / saved energy costs
96'300 / 2200 = 44 years
And we have already figured out why there is a renovation project in Switzerland, who is already investing for 44 years? Now the question is whether one can not tackle something more clever?
Now we have to go a little further, but that too is not witchcraft. So we go to the search for the "low hanging fruits". Small investment with great potential!
Now we are not able to get around a specialist who analyzes all consumers, makes measurements and is not only familiar with energy efficiency and heating systems but also knows the latest market developments in power generation.
Now let's look at what the expert has found at our example house:
In the light, a halogen lamp with 300 watts was found in the living room, in the whole house there were still various conventional light bulbs. In addition, the SatReceiver was always in standby, which needs continuous 30 watts. In the office were still two desktop PC's each consume 130 watts, which are replaced by much faster Quadcore 35 Watt PC's with LED display.
In the basement, the expert found very quickly, the electroboiler is a huge energy eater which should be quickly replaced by a heat pump booth, in addition there were still old heating circulation pumps available which should be replaced by A ++ pumps.
The oil heating is left but supplemented by a highly efficient air / air heat pump, so that the oil heating is only switched on as desired. Thus the oil consumption drops from 2500 liters to 700 liters.
A photovoltaic system is installed on the roof, on the garage roof a solar plug & play system is installed and the garden is supplemented with energy furniture. You have read correctly, the latest generation of garden furniture generates energy and is directly plugged into the external socket!
This means that SFr 32874.- is invested after deduction of the subsidy and tax savings, and only SFr 179.- for energy is spent annually.
The power consumption is from 6000 kWh to minus! 2605 kWh per year. The electricity consumption is negative, because the solar plants produce something more than the house consumes.
In summary, the energy consultant reduced the investment from € 96'300 to € 33'000.- and reduced the payback period from 44 years to 10 years.

The overview: investment energy costs
Original house:                      SFr 3700 .- / year
Standard refurbishment:         SFr 96'300.- SFr 1500 .- / year
Innovative renovation:           SFr 32874.- SFr 179 .- / year

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