Solar Suitcase Type Professional 124W-350W-90Ah-20kg


The power plant in portable case

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This solar suitcase makes you totally independent of any power outlet. Even 230V AC is available day and night. This allows you to laptop, cordless screwdriver, razor etc. at any point on earth, where it has sunlight, running. The extremely lightweight and powerful lithium polymer battery can be reached for a period of up to 50 hours of your laptop without any sun. A 230V charger reduces charging time in case of need.

1 x LED lamp 8 Watt
1 x Inverter 12V 350W with 3-fold. Socket
1 x Battery charger 15 amp
1 x 15A MPPT solar charge controller
1 x Fuse box
1 x 12V cigarette lighter
1 x Voltage indication of the lithium polymer battery
1 x Lithium polymer battery 12V 90 Ah approximately 1080 Wh
2 x Foldable solar module 62 Watt incl. charging cable
1 x Suitcase with appropriate installation incidentals
1 x Instruction manual
1 x Instructions / datasheets equipment manufacturers
1 x 230 V plug, spare fuses
1 x Aluminium case incl. 2 keys

Energy lithium polymer battery: 90 Ah approximately 1080 Wh
Maximum charge / discharge battery : 40 A
Maximum power 230V: 350W
Minimum input voltage 230V inverter: 10 volt
Performance solar modules each 62 watts, Total 124W
Open circuit voltage solar modules approximately 28 volts
Operating temperature: 0-40 ° C loading, unloading -20 to max. 60 ° C
Maximum current cigarette lighter sockets: 15A
Power LED Lamp: 8 Watt, 520 lumen
Charging current Battery charger: max. 15 A
Maximum current battery: 40A
Weight: 20 kg
Size: (L x H x W) 56 x 27 x 28 cm
Warranty: 1 year

The solar suitcase produces dangerous voltages that can cause injury or death. He must be protected against unauthorized touching or access by children.

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