Solar Suitcase type Worker 62W-40Ah-350W-18kg


The power plant in portable case

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This solar suitcase makes you totally independent of any power outlet. Even 230V AC is available day and night. This allows you to laptop, cordless screwdriver, razor etc. at any point on earth, where it has sunlight, running. The extremely powerful lithium iron battery can be reached for a period of up to 40 hours of your laptop without any sun. A 230V charger reduces charging time in case of need.


Aluminum suitcase
1 x Private Power PT62
Sine wave inverter 350 watts
Lithium iron battery 12V 40Ah
Battery charger 12V 4A
Battery charge status indicator
Installation in a suitcase

Typical daily operating hours (assumption Central Europe, summer):

Laptop about 6 hours
Loading of about 30 mobile phones
Light for approx. 72 hours (5 watt solar lamp)
TV about 3 hours a day
Charge 30 digital cameras
Charging 12 video cameras
Racer for about 24 hours
Stereo for about 7 hours a day

Technical specifications:

Max. Power solar panel 62 watts
System nominal voltage: 12V
Capacity: 40'000 mAh (at 12V)
Max. Power 230V: 350 watts
Continuous power 230V: 300 watts
230V output voltage: 100% sinusoidal voltage as from the socket
Output voltage: 230V
Frequency 50 Hz
Charging time at the socket: 10h
Size: 58x27x38 cm
Weight: 18 kg
Warranty: 1 year


USB connection
Charger for mobile phone, GPS, iPod etc.


The Solar Suitcase produces dangerous voltages that can cause injury or death. He must be protected against unauthorized touching or the reach of children.

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