Solar bike trailer for E-Bike / Flyer


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This solar trailer introduces you to her e-bike regardless of each outlet. Also GPS, mobile phone, laptop, etc. incidentally loaded. The solar chain is installed in 5 minutes on your electric bike and the fun can begin. While you are out all day or loll in the sun, is in the trailer silently loaded spare battery. The next morning, replace the 2 batteries and you are ready for the next stage. 
If you come once in a wall socket, you can connect the trailers to the grid and so speed up the charge. The pendant has 48 watts of solar power which produces the basic version in fine weather about 200 Wh per day. On request we can up to 140 watts assemble what then about 600 watt hours per day produced. The trailer has a Lithium buffer battery and a 230 volt sine wave inverter with 150 watts, that is You can sometimes use the shaver or the el. Toothbrush load etc.

The trailer is designed that it can be transformed in 30 seconds in a normal case, that is, Wheels and drawbar are removable with a click system and your suitcase travels without problems by train, bus or plane.
In the trailer it has 140 liters of storage space so you can stow also tent and all camping gear. Depending on the configuration of the trailer has a weight of 15 - 25 kg, which indeed appear steep, but a normal electric bike with luggage and driver 110 to 140 kg due to no longer fall the 20 kilograms so significant, do not forget that you this Anhäger yes then all day shifts with solar energy

1 x solar trailer with wheels and drawbar including coupling
1 x built-in 48 watt solar panel with charge controller, lithium buffer battery and 230 V sine wave inverter
(Reverveakku of your pedelec and 230V charger not included)

Weight: 18 kg (Varies depending on configuration)
Size inside: (L x H x W) 750 x 550 x 380 mm to about 140 liters
Size outside wheels and drawbar dismantled (L x H x W) 800 x 600 x 410 mm
Warranty: 2 years

olar module size can be 40-145 watts vary
The buffer battery can be chosen in a range from 11 to 100 Ah
The inverter can be varied from 150 to 1500 watts

Depending on the version, the price is between about 3000 moved to 6000 SFr depending on your needs, ask us

The solar trailer generates hazardous voltages that can cause injury or death. He must be protected against unauthorized touching or access by children.