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Fuse distributor for solar systems


Finally a clean solution for the power supply of standalone systems

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This fuse box can protect your solar system clean and with a short circuit, only the affected circuit is affected and not paralyzed the entire system. It is often saved in small island systems in the wrong place and sometimes installed any security or only a central backup. In case of overload or short-circuit the cable
get extremely hot so that there is an acute risk of fire and the wiring melts. Such hazards are solved with the Sicherungsverteilbox clean. In addition, the connected consumers as the fridge, lights, pumps, etc. are protected against overcurrent

Technical Specifications:.
Nominal voltage: 12 to 24V DC
number of backup circuits: 6
maximum current per circuit breaker: 10 A
Size: 210x135x100 mm (HxWxD)
weight: 400 grams

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