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Digital Multimeter, Ammeter BM 805


digital voltmeter and ammeter for a reasonable price

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CHF 138.00

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This digital voltmeter / ammeter is an indispensable aid in the installation or troubleshooting of a solar system. In addition can be with this device the flow of microamps range measuring up to around 20A. Easy to loose cables or the battery charge status checked. mounted near the solar system, it can be used for years as a voltmeter (state of charge) or to help with disorders.

measurement memory (data and Max Hold)

relative measurement Automatic or manual range selection for DC and
AC, DC - and AC,
resistance, continuity buzzer, diode test,
capacity, frequency
High speed measurement (3 / sec.)
measurement memory (data, Max Hold)
Automatic shut
basic accuracy 0.5%
overvoltage category CAT III 600 V / CAT II 1000 V
display LCD, 3 digits 34, 4000 measurement points
AC voltage 0.1 mV 1000 V ± 1.5% + 5d
voltage DC 0.1 mV 1000 V ± 0.5% + 3d
current AC and DC 0.1 A 20 A * ± 1.2% + 3d
resistance 0.1 M 40 ± 0.6% + 4d
capacity 10 pF 3000 F ± 3.5% + 6d
frequency 5 Hz to 1 MHz ± 0.5% + 4d
* 20 A max. 30 sec, 10 A continuous

Delivery with red protective sleeve, measuring leads and batteries
Options:. Ampere clamp adapter, Lux adapter, speed
adapter, humidity adapters on demand

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